Roman Seas is a fast-paced, dynamic, multi-player miniatures game designed for use with 6mm (1/300th) scale ship models and miniatures, and played on a hex grid game board. Roman Seas is designed to allow each player to control a squadron of two to ten ships. Players will be able to recreate small naval actions from the start of the first Punic War when Rome constructed its first major fleets (264 BC), to Actium (31 BC), to the effective end of the Roman Navy (400 AD).

Roman Seas book information:
Book: 8.5 x 11 inch perfect bound binding
Cover: Soft cover; full color
Interior Pages: 34 pages with full color photos, charts/tables & graphic elements
CD ROM: The Roman Seas book comes with a CD containing game components in PDF
Book Price: $34.99 USD (not including shipping)
PDF Price: $18.00 USD
Deluxe PDF Version: $24.99 USD (from Wargame Vault Only)

Roman Seas rules are specifically designed to be played using ship models and miniatures on a hex game board. Playing on a hex game board allows players to move their fleets quickly and easily, speeding up game play, which is why Roman Seas plays fast. Although designed for use with 1/300th (6mm) scale ship models and miniatures, Roman Seas works with virtually any ship model/miniatures scale. Hex grid game mats can be purchased directly from from: Hotz Mats. Roman Seas PDF ship models can be viewed here: Models.

Roman Seas rulebook comes with a CD containing the following PDF Roman Seas game files:
Roman Seas Game Markers (15 types; 202 markers in total).
• 438 pre-filled Ship Roster Cards on 73 pages allowing players to print and play quickly.
• 180 partly filled Ship Roster Cards on 30 pages, allowing players to quickly and easily customize their own Roman Seas ships.
• Blank Ship Roster Cards: for total customization.
• 2D Ship Counters: Carthaginian, Roman (two sets for Roman civil war games), Veneti, Saxon, Merchant and Mark Anthony's ships, allowing players to print, cutout and play quickly and economically (281 counters in total).
• 2D Ship Counters without game data so they can be used with any board game rules system.
• Cheat Sheets: the most commonly use charts/table are easily printed onto a 2-sided card page.

Although the Roman Seas rules were primarily designed for playing using ship models and miniatures, the rules also come with:
• PDF Hex Game Boards: 16 sizes/two hex orientations in both North American & European printable paper sizes (A4 to A0 or 8.5 x 11 in to 24 x 36 in); hex boards have 25mm (1 inch) hexes, which are ideal for the PDF Roman Seas board game components. Take the PDF files to Staples/Office Depot (or the equivalent) for printing and laminating in poster sizes, or tile print them to construct a game board.
• PDF Wind Direction Templates: two sizes.

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